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Used appliances do not come with a warranty. However, they should be working on possession day.

BC Home Owner Grant

The BC Provincial Home Owner Grant reduces the amount of property taxes you pay. You may be eligible if you are a permanent resident of BC, a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and own and occupy your residence full time which would be your principal residence. In most cases, the regular grant entitles eligible owners to a maximum reduction in property taxes of $570 and additional grant for those 65 and older of up to $845. You may claim the regular grant if your property taxes are at least $350. You may claim the additional grant if your property taxes are at least $100. Your grant cannot reduce your net payment below these amounts. Please note property owned by non-residents and recreation property (must be your principle residence) are not eligible for this grant. The explanation provided is a very brief summary. The final decision as to qualification is at the sole discretion of the appropriate government ministry. Please click on the BC government Home Owner Grant webpage for the complete details.

BC Home Owner Grant

BC Property Tax Deferment

The BC Property Tax Deferment Program allows BC home owners to defer payment of annual property taxes on homes occupied as principle residence if owners are 55 years or older; or a surviving spouse; or a disabled person as defined in the Disability Benefits Program Act; and if owners are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who have lived in BC for at least one year immediately prior to applying for tax deferment benefits. You must have a minimum equity of 25 percent of the assessed value. This means that your mortgage and any other charges registered against your property can be up to 75 percent of the assessed value. The explanation provided is a very brief summary. The final decision as to qualification is at the sole discretion of the appropriate government ministry. Please click on the BC government webpage for the complete details.


BC Property Tax Deferment   

BC Property Transfer Tax

There is a 1 % Property Transfer Tax (2% over $200,000) in British Columbia. This tax is payable on the purchase of all real property in B.C. The calculation is based on 1% of the purchase price up to $200,000 and 2% of any amount above $200,000. Most first time buyers are exempt from this if they meet certain criteria. The main criteria are: a) borrower has never owned a principal residence anywhere; b) maximum purchase price of $475,000 for a full exemption; c) borrow at least 70% of purchase price; d) be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and residing in B.C. for a minimum of 12 months. The explanation provided is a very brief summary. Realtors are not tax experts and offer this information only as a guideline. This should be discussed with your accountant, notary or lawyer. The final decision as to qualification is at the sole discretion of the appropriate government ministry. Please click on the BC government webpage for the complete details.

BC Website Info BC Property Transfer Tax

First Time Home Buyer's Program  


Property lines can be verified by locating the white corner posts indicating where the metal peg should be. Over the years they go missing and/or moved by children. A site survey or legal map can assist in locating them. A fence, hedge or grass line does not necessarily indicate the property line. Some areas are in a designated flood plain. It is prudent to know if your new property is.


Residential real estate is sold "As Is" so a professional building inspection is always a good idea and highly recommended. There is no such thing as a perfect house. Many components of a house wear out over time such as roofs, furnaces, and hot water tanks. To avoid surprises after the fact, an inspection is worth the cost.

Building Inspectors - Certified

All in One Home Inspections - Steve Klassen   CAHPI

Website - www.allinonehomeinspections.ca   

Email - steveklassen@shaw.ca

Phone: 1-877-248-3654 - 250-248-3654 - 250-723-1548

Amerispec - David Firth  - CAHPI

Website:   http://www.amerispec.ca/  

Phone:      250-755-5157 or 250-748-4500

Apple Home Inspections - Mark Nicholet - CANNACHI

Website:   http://www.applehomeinspections.ca/

Phone:      250-816-1415

Central Island Home Pro - Rudy Brulotte - CAHPI

Phone:      1-800-458-7776

 Envision Home Inspections Ltd. - Graham King - CAHPI

Email:       envision-home-inspection@shaw.ca

Phone:      250-729-6509

Fairlane Building Inspections Inc. - Bart Briggs - CAHPI

Email:       Fairlane Building Inspections Inc.

Phone:      250-714-3058

Fax:          250-746-4126

Fleetwood Building Inspections Inc. - CAHPI

Phone:      250-755-1771

 Home Alyze - John D'Aigle - CAHPI

Website:   http://www.homealyze.com/

Phone:      250-248-644 or 1-877-248-6444 (Toll Free)

Homeguard Building Inspections - Myles Braid - CAHPI

Email:       mbraid@shaw.ca

Phone:      250-920-8676

Housemaster Home Inspection - Patrick Preston - CAHPI

Website:   https://housemaster.com/

Phone:      250-740-0380 or 1-800-547-9999

Platinum Inspection Services Ltd - Vincent McKinnon - CAHPI

Phone:      250-739-1016

When Choosing A Building Inspection You May Wish To Ask Questions About:

Availability to do the job when required


Qualifications (Why Use Them?)

Insurance Coverage


 Information should be verified if deemed important.

Regional District

Regional District of Nanaimo Office can be a valuable resource; however they may charge to look at individual property files. The property file contains copies of any correspondence with previous owners, inspections and house plans.


Everyone's, standard of cleanliness is different. There are no guarantees that a property will be left for you clean to your standards. On viewing a property you can get an idea of how it might be left. To be safe, count on cleaning it yourself or hiring someone to do this. We hope every home is left clean for the new homeowner.


 Unfortunately, the odd occasion, a seller does not remove all their garbage on possession date. Garbage removal does involve time, effort & money. In some situations this can be handled right in the offer if a large amount of garbage is noticed when the property is viewed.


One or some keys will be turned over to the new homeowner on possession day. As Realtors we cannot authorize you to use the key any sooner than what has been agreed to in writing. Because homeowners misplace keys lose keys, give keys to friends, or may not have had keys to open all doors, I recommend (even if it is a new house) re-keying the home you have purchased. It is worth your peace of mind.

Holdback For Canadian Tax

Non-residents of Canada will be subject to a holdback for Canadian tax on profit when they resell the property. The holdback will be 25% of capital gains or 25% of the selling price if a certificate of disposition is not obtained by the time of completion. Properties which are owned by non-residents and rented out are subject to a holdback; 50% of capital gains or 50% of the selling price if a certificate of disposition is not obtained by the time of completion. The explanation provided is a very brief summary; it is recommended non-residents get advice from a Chartered Accountant regarding these issues prior to selling and/or renting out their property. Click on the link below for some more details.

Tax Information for Non-Resident Buyers and Sellers



As a requirement of bank financing, proof adequate insurance must be provided. Insurance should be in place for 12:01 am completion day.


There is a significant difference between being pre-approved and pre-qualified. In order to obtain a pre-approval, the lender fully underwrites the deal, whereas with a pre-qualification only the most basic details are considered. Pre-Approval letter is more preferred than obtaining a Mortgage Pre-Qualification letter. Buyers have made offers only to find out they were not able to obtain mortgage approval, even with a Pre-Qualification letter. 

Mortgage Consultant

John Woods
Mortgage Centre
250-754-1904 Toll Free: 866-840-1704
Cellular: 250-616-3107
woods.j@mortgagecentre.com   Website: Click Here

Moving Checklist

Click on the link for a printable (PDF) checklist. 

Moving Checklist

OIL and Propane

Furnace oil and propane is a chattel and not included in a sale unless specifically indicated so on YOUR agreement. The previous owner can request that you pay for the remaining oil on possession day or have it pumped out.


Septic systems require maintenance. Because every family lives differently, it may not perform the same. Some areas can experience difficulties during periods of heavy rainfall or saturated grounds. The Purchaser should have a full septic inspection.

Septic Maintenance Tips


If bank financing is involved for real estate, they generally request the purchaser supply a site survey as part of their financing requirements. Not all sellers have these on their property. If it is very old, unreadable or changes/additions have been made, it may be necessary to get a new one done.


Many propane tanks are leased. The new owner may be required to sign a new lease agreement with the company that owns it. Above ground oil tanks can be easily dealt with and removed.  Insurance companies are reluctant to insure a house with a tank 15 to 20 years old.


Unless a lease is in place most tenants are on a month-to-month tenancy. A would be landlord should be familiar with the Residential Tenancy Act of B.C. These change from time to time as legislation changes. Proper notice and procedures must be followed to terminate a tenancy. Because of the human element there are no guarantees.  


The properties are on well water, cisterns or a combination of both and the purchaser should make inquiries about the quantity and install UV filtration system.


Every new owner must apply to receive service which should be in place for possession day.


An inspection is a requirement for insurance companies. Only a C.S.A. model installed properly will pass an inspection.

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